Self Adhesive Labels

PVC Labels

PVC Labels Manufacturer, Supplier
PVC labels from all other types is the durability of the material, the vibrant color choices and, the resistance to all common cleaning products and petroleum products and solvents. Etiflex brand labels are also resistant to mold and mildew, most stains, and the damaging ultra violet rays of the sun.
These qualities make our product the best choice to use for industrial and recreational products. When you see the Etiflex brand name, it is a registered trademark that assures that our proprietary formula is being used in all of our PVC labels - which guarantees excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength. Whether your use is for product identification, caution or warning information, user instructions or a colorful logo or brand name, Etiflex PVC labels are the best way to put a durable message on your products. Our labels can be attached by sewing, heat seal adhesives, easy to use peel and stick adhesives or by using your own adhesives.